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Free Shipping on orders over +$60 (USA only)
Free Shipping on orders over +$60 (USA only)


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What kind of paper is inside Write Notepads & Co. products? Will it work with my fountain pen/pencil/marker/etc?
Our notebooks include 70# paper stock that we meticulously selected to perform with most writing implements. Our paper is a medium weight that has minimal feathering and bleed through with most writing mediums. You can see some examples of different writing utensils tested on our paper here

What happened to my membership?
We discontinued our quarterly membership in late 2017. Don’t worry - you will continue to receive your quarterly release through the end of your subscription, we just aren’t allowing subscription renewals.

How will quarterly releases work going forward?
We will still create special limited editions four times a year, we’re just going to offer them up for sale to everyone on our website rather than sell them on subscription basis. We’ll make announcements via email and social media as soon as a new limited edition is out!

Why did the subscription end?
It’s a matter of cost-saving for us. Subscription management takes a lot of resources, and we’ve decided to redistribute those resources. We want to make the finest quality notebooks possible, and this frees us up to try out new styles and ideas.

Are you still doing the School Code program?
We previously worked with Baltimore area public schools to donate notebooks on a one-for-one model (one sold equaled one donated), which you could track using a unique school code. Over time we have discovered that while this program was great, there were a number of limitations to it and we want to develop a way to give more paper products more effectively. The new giving back program is still in works, but we assure you, supporting education is still one of the main tenets of Write Notepads & Co., and we'll continue to contribute school supplies to students in need. Stay tuned for future details!