Meticulously Selected Paper

Have you seen this phrase on the WNP website? "Meticulously selected to perform best with most writing implements." What does that mean exactly? Well, in the WNP warehouse, we generally use notebooks for writing, especially jotting down notes. And while working in our factory, we usually just write with whatever...

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Spring 2018 - Sakura Limited Edition

Springtime means a lot to us here after the drab winters on the east coast. It's the time for rebirth and renewal, when the muddy snows finally give way to bulbs bursting from dormant gardens and barren trees erupt with fresh buds. You can feel everyone start to come alive again,...

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Winter 2017 - The Goldfield - Limited Edition Pocket Notebooks

Winter is upon us, that means it’s time for a new installment of our quarterly pocket notebook release.  This edition rings (no pun intended) especially close to our family.  Joe Gans, perhaps one of the most historically relevant Baltimoreans to have lived. Not only did Joe grace the boxing world...

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