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10 Ways to be More Confident in Meetings

10 Ways to be More Confident in Meetings Like us, lots of people find it difficult to speak up at meetings. They have things that they want to say, but they lack the confidence to voice their opinion. This article contains ten tips to help people speak up at their meetings.

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How to Increase Your Productivity at the Office

How to Increase Your Productivity at the Office How to increase your productivity at work? This article focuses on working smarter instead of working harder. Tips on a wide variety of topics are included, such as when you drive to work, rewarding yourself, and handling your smartphone at work.

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How to Stop Being Micromanaged

How to Stop Being Micromanaged

One of the biggest complaints from employees is that they are suffering under micromanagement. But, what exactly is micromanagement and what can employees do to get their supervisors off their back? A unique perspective is offered for identifying the cause while siding with neither employer or employee.  

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