Have you seen this phrase on the WNP website? "Meticulously selected to perform best with most writing implements." What does that mean exactly?

Well, in the WNP warehouse, we generally use notebooks for writing, especially jotting down notes. And while working in our factory, we usually just write with whatever is at hand - a stray Sharpie, that ballpoint pen the delivery guy left behind, a pencil sharpened with the nearest box cutter. Thus, what really matters to us in writing paper is versatility. We want our paper to work best with whatever writing implement is at hand, and to hold up stunningly while doing so (we are admittedly very tough on our notebooks). 

Since Write Notepads & Co.'s beginnings, we've used the same 70# paper stock for the interiors of our notebooks. It's our "Goldilocks" of paper - medium weight, not too toothy, and just right for most things you want to throw at it.  

This paper has been our stock of choice simply because it holds up to a very broad range of artistic utensils with minimal feathering and bleed through, while having just enough grain to "grip" graphite and other gritty mediums. Check out the swatch tests below to see how it holds up!

Fountain Pens: Impressively, this paper takes fountain pen ink really, really well. The feathering and bleed through are both very light with wetter inks. Ink dries fairly quickly on this paper as well. 

Rollerball and Ballpoint: This paper has no problems with gel pens or ballpoint inks. In fact, even the extremely messy Sakura Gelly Rolls just sit pretty nicely on the page without too much show through. Even the really heavy Cross gel rollerball writes on these sheets like a dream. 

Pencil: This paper is practically meant for pencil. Our basic #2 pencil writes on the page with ease and really minimal smudging. Softer pencils glide beautifully, too. 

Markers: I think the way this paper holds marker might be the most impressive - only super heavy inks like Sharpies, or really wet inks like the CdA Fluo Highlighter and Tombow Mono Twin really bleed through. Fine liners write gorgeously - and again, zero feathering! 

Other materials: While we don't regularly use this paper for art projects, I know there are many of you who bullet journal, which often invites other mediums into your works. I tested a selection of wet and dry materials (note Prismalo and Durer colored pencils are swatched dry and wet) and again, it's pretty incredible how sturdy this paper is against bleed through and feathering. I'm a watercolorist, and I'm amazed at how the page handled wet pigment, also without rippling too much.

Any tools you'd like to see tested on WNP paper? 

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