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Are Bullet Journals a New Tool in Mental Health Management?

Are Bullet Journals a New Tool in Mental Health Management?

Bullet journals have gained in popularity over the last few years. They have not mainly been used in the mental health field but are gaining popularity for those interested in relieving their depression and anxiety. They are part diary and part planner. This tool can help adopt new habits, keep track of tasks, and create overall healthier changes.


How to Get Started with Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is easy to set up. All that is needed is a pen and a notebook. Some people have set up their journals to be as simple as possible. On the other hand, others have added elaborate pages to a notebook to create a more personalized look. There is no limit to what designs can go into the journal. There are even various online communities dedicated to setting up layouts and pages. Designing a bullet journal is based on personal choice. The main focus is to keep track of fulfilling personal goals.


Journal Spreads for Anxiety and Depression Management


1. Daily Planning

One of the most popular features of the bullet journal is the ability to keep a daily log. This log can help keep track of tasks and become a to-do list. It can even help people to incorporate healthy habits into a routine. For example, some journal users schedule a time to meditate or go for a walk during their busy day.


2. Mood Tracking

Mood tracking is an excellent way to manage mental health. Bullet journals can highlight certain feelings and help the user evaluate their current mindset. Keeping track of moods throughout the day is essential for personal development. Charts can even be utilized to track specific events or triggers that can cause mood swings. By setting up a chart, a bullet journal can be an essential tool for better mental health.


3. Adding Random Thoughts

Bullet journals are the most effective when they are used for keeping track of thoughts. The purpose of a bullet journal is to go beyond a to-do list. It can be a catch-all for random thoughts, gratitude lists, doodles, and a space to celebrate accomplishments.


Bullet journals are another tool to help organize a busy lifestyle. These journals can become part of a journey to reach goals in managing anxiety. Journal users are helping create habits to make navigating through life a bit easier.


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