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Reporter Notebook

$ 11.99
SKU CE-1024
Color: Black

Our professional reporters' notebook is the perfect companion for all your note-taking needs. This tough, compact little notebook will keep up with you anywhere there's a meeting to attend or a story waiting to be told. So whether you need it at home in front of the TV while watching football on Sunday afternoon or out and about during meetings throughout town (or country), this lightweight yet durable reporter's notebook has got what you need!

Our Reporter Notebooks are made with the highest quality materials and come in five different colors to suit your needs. It's tough enough to go back and forth from work, yet flexible enough for writing on while standing or walking around. What color is most suitable for you?

Our Reporter Notebooks come in four colors: Black, Pistachio, Blue, and Red. The covers for these notebooks are soft premium board, which is tough enough to go into your pocket all day long! If you're looking for extra durability or stiffness, then pick our Kraft cover with the same thickness as the back of a reporter notebook. All our Reporter Notebooks have their own rubber band that will keep your important notes safe wherever they may be - either inside of a bag or just tightly held together by its strong elasticity!

You'll love writing on this paper, as it is so easy to write with! Moreover, you won't have any trouble rereading your work because of how well ink holds up in our paper. Whether using a ballpoint or fountain pen, either will glide smoothly across its surface without bleeding through onto other pages or feathering out like some cheaper papers might do when used by experienced writers who prefer heavier weight sheets.

This notebook is perfect for an action item notebook or the right format for a task planner, jotter. This notebook works great on a desk or a large pocket notebook, which is a convenient travel size. Use it while working in your office or on the street while shopping or taking notes while you read. 

  • Convenient travel size
  • 4" x 8" spiral notebook with lined pages
  • Durable rubber band closure to keep your loose papers secure
  • Colors: Made with 80pt board stock black. Kraft cover: Recycled paper, thicker cover. 
  • Letterpress impression.  
  • 120 interior pages of 70# paper stock, selected to perform best with most writing implements
  • Printed line size 1/4", printed with vegetable-based inks 
  • 100% made in the USA