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Reporter Notebook

$ 11.99
SKU CE-1024
Color: Black


Our professional reporter's notebook will keep you organized and ready to conquer. The notebook features a sturdy 4"x 8" with a top spiral binding with rounded corners, that is flexible and durable. There are no floppy notebooks here. With round corners and its sturdy construction, it can smoothly go in and out of a pocket or bag whether you're a news professional taking notes in the field or just looking for a great notebook to keep in your office or home. This notebook is perfect for use as an action item notebook or a compact notebook for taking quick notes, sketching out ideas, or catching hot scoops.  

We did not cut any corners when it comes to the essential aspect of a notebook, its paper. Each Report notebook comes with our Heavy, smooth paper that handles pencils and well-built fountain pens remarkably well. 


    • Convenient travel size
    • 4" x 8" spiral notebook with lined pages
    • Durable rubber band closure to keep your loose papers secure
    • Made with 30pt board stock on the cover and 60pt kraft board stock on the back cover. Kraft is 60pt on both covers. Letterpress impression.
    • 120 (60 sheets) interior pages of 70# paper stock, selected to perform best with most writing implements
    • Printed line size 1/4", printed with vegetable-based inks. 
    • This notebook was designed, printed, and assembled by hand in the USA.