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Free Shipping on orders over +$60 (USA only)
Free Shipping on orders over +$60 (USA only)

About Us



In the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, Write Notepads & Co. was brought to life in 2012 by Chris Rothe, a third-generation bookbinder with a vision. Amidst a market flooded with subpar notebooks, Chris noticed a pressing issue: high-quality, American-made notebooks were hard to come by. Many were flimsy, with paper too thin to hold ink from a fountain pen without bleeding through, and designs lacked the professionalism users craved.

Determined to bridge this gap, Chris set out to craft the kind of notebooks that would be a delight to write in and exude a professional charm. By marrying heavy, smooth paper with a clean, minimalist design, he created notebooks that allowed ideas to flow as freely as the premium ink from a writer's pen.

Chris's commitment went beyond mere functionality; he recognized the power of a notebook to serve as a tangible extension of one's thoughts and ambitions. In an era where digital devices dominate our lives, Write Notepads & Co. stands as a testament to paper's enduring value. Our notebooks are more than just tools for writing; they are catalysts for retaining knowledge, sparking innovation, and advancing personal and professional goals. By choosing the tactile experience of our notebooks, individuals can capture their ideas in a way that technology alone cannot match, nurturing their most extraordinary visions into reality.