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Helpful Ways to Reduce Anxiety at Work

Helpful Ways to Reduce Anxiety at Work

Anxiety is always uncomfortable. But it's far worse when you're at work and can't reach for what soothes you like you can at home. What's more, if your colleagues and boss are with you, no doubt, you might prefer to stay calm rather than reveal your angst and appear unprofessional. Here's how to ease stress and retain composure.


Take a break


It's time for a break when signs of anxiety appear. You'll know you're anxious if you are tense and you find it hard to stop thinking about problems. When stress strikes, move from your desk and go for a stroll, if only to another part of the building or into the staff room. Even better, go outside. Take deep, calming breaths. Note your lungs expand as you inhale and deflate as you exhale. Focus on breathing, and anxiety will decrease.


If you can't leave your desk, shut your eyes for a few moments, and breathe deeply as you picture a beautiful place or someone you love. Doing so will tell your system all is well, and you'll feel composed and able to cope.


Write about your feelings


Put pen to paper and jot down your emotions. Get them out of your head to gain clarity. Many of your worries are based on fear rather than logic, and once you clarify them, you can put them into perspective and ease anxiety. At the same time, jotting your feelings in a notebook helps because it's proactive. When you instruct your mind to find solutions and list your troubles, you give it a positive job and stop worrying.


Enlist feel-good tools 


When you are anxious at work, enlist self-help tools. Place a few drops of reassuring lavender essential oil on a handkerchief and inhale. Or listen to calming brainwave entrainment at break time.


Snack on feel-good mood food too. Dark chocolate, cashews, blueberries or almonds will boost contentment and soothe anxiety. You will also benefit from a mood-enhancing hormone boost if you exercise before or after work.


Talk about your worries


If your anxiety stems from your job, speak with your manager, boss, or human resources. Perhaps a change of work hours, departments, or taking work home will help, depending on the issue. Your employer will appreciate hearing you are upset first hand rather than via gossip, and may offer a helpful solution.


Think about options


Is your job right for you? If shifting to another branch or department isn't helpful, perhaps it's time to study and gain fresh qualifications, so you can move up the career ladder or change jobs.


Thinking about your options will give you clarity. It will assist with confidence too, since you are seeking a way to improve your situation.


Anxiety at work is unpleasant, but you can reduce it. At times, clarifying what makes you unhappy and being proactive will reduce stress. At others, employing tools that calm and soothe will ease tension and bring peace of mind.

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