The Royal Blue - Limited Edition - Pocket Notebooks (3-pack)
The Royal Blue - Limited Edition - Pocket Notebooks (3-pack) The Royal Blue - Limited Edition - Pocket Notebooks (3-pack) The Royal Blue - Limited Edition - Pocket Notebooks (3-pack)
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*Purchased a limited supply back from the B&O Museum stock.


The Royal Blue Edition

Imagine traveling on a narrow swath of track cut into the pristine countryside.  Fall foliage in full bloom emanating the true beauty of nature's Fall.  It's with this picturesque thought in mind that we bring to you our very first B&O Railroad edition, The Royal Blue.  The B&O Railroad has a long and prestigious history in our country's growth.  Its beginnings lay a mere half-mile from Write Notepads & Co. headquarters, where America's first two miles of track, including the nation's oldest viaduct, are in continuous use for visitors of the museum to enjoy.  

Of all the lines birthed, or acquired by the B&O during its reign; only one stands on top as the pinnacle of luxury.  The Royal Blue.  This train was more than a vehicle; it was a symbol of affluence.  Running from 1890-1958, The Royal Blue whisked passengers from Washington D.C. to Jersey City in ultimate luxury. Many of the nation's prominent chose this heralded line as their preferred means to travel the Mid-Atlantic route. Among those were Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Queen Elizabeth II.  

Our Fall edition of pocket notebooks pays homage to this iconic line, and showcases the first of many products to come from our partnership with this Smithsonian affiliate, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.  The notebooks and boxes are decorated in The Royal Blue's signature colors: Gold and Royal Saxony Blue.  Each book contains lined pages with our signature double-vertical.  We hope that you enjoy these as much as we enjoy making them.  


The Royal Blue Edition

  • Includes (3) 3-3/4” x 5-1/2” lined paper notebooks per pack.
  • Glue bound notebooks with 100-pound cover stock and a 70-pound paper stock which has been meticulously selected to perform best for most writing instruments.   
  • Each book contains 64 pages. 
  • 100% American Made in Baltimore, Maryland.

Edition Size:  5000