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The Lawn Edition

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The Lawn Summer 2018 Limited Edition

The hummmmmm of a mower. The smell of freshly cut grass. Saturday mornings spent sweeping up trimmings... Sure, not everyone enjoys cutting grass, but damn if it doesn’t look pretty when it’s done.

Here in Baltimore, we take our lawns pretty seriously, ornamentation and all. Be it gnomes, flamingoes, concrete Virgin Mary’s or year-round Santa Claus’s, the pride in a well-kept lawn is vital to some. The paths into which each blade is strategically (or not) planted proudly declares “My lawn is better than yours.”

The grass is always greener on the other side... unless your lawn is already pretty smokin'. "The Lawn" is our tribute to summer’s simplest pleasures: enjoying a cold one on your freshly cut yard.

The Lawn Limited Edition notebooks are printed letterpress in a complementary shade of green depicting a precisely mowed yard. Also -- back by popular demand -- Lawn is saddle stitched with gold staples. We printed the internal pages with a ¼” ruling, for you to take notes on lawn mower maintenance, keep track of the best stores to buy lawn gnomes, or write out drunken limericks while you sip your 5th (eh, who’s counting) brewski from your favorite lawn chair.

And because your lawn should be a reflection of you -- we’ve included a sticker pack of our favorite lawn ornaments so you can make each beautifully seeded patch of grass your own.

Here’s hoping you don’t have hay fever.

The Lawn Limited Edition

  • Sold as a set of 3 notebooks 
  • 3.75” x 5.5” saddle stitched notebook with rose gold staples and lined pages
  • 70# cover stock with letterpress details
  • 48 pages of 70# paper stock, selected to perform best with most writing implements
  • Printed ruled size: 1/4", printed with vegetable-based inks in our trademark blue-green
  • 100% American made in Baltimore, MD
  • Each 3-pack includes a surprise sticker pack!