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Reporter Notebook

$ 11.99
SKU CE-1024
Color: Black

Our professional reporters' notebook is a tough notebook, with a stiff back cover and high-quality front covers that come in multiple colors. Whether you need to take notes at a business meeting, social gatherings, or rally. These notebooks are compact enough to go where you need them.

Like all our notebooks we make these ourselves in our factory in Baltimore, MD ensuring the highest quality. All Reporter Notebooks come with a stiff back cover that facilitates writing while standing and walking unlike a scrap of paper. For the front cover, you have five different colors. Our Black, Pistachio, Blue, and Red colors come with soft premium board covers. These are tough enough to go in and out of your pocket all day. Our Kraft cover is the same thickness as the back cover and gives you extra durability and stiffness. All our Reporter Notebooks come with their own rubber band to keep all your important notes safe in your bag or hold your pencil tight. 

Your pen or pencil will love to glide over our premium paper. Our paper is nice and bright white with soft green lines. It holds ink exceedingly well with either a ballpoint or a fountain pen. Most fountain pens will not bleed or feather so you can use both sides of the page, unlike cheaper papers. The line size and color feel comfortable but stay out of your way. 

This notebook is perfect to use as an action item notebook or the right format for a task planner, jotter. This notebook works great on a desk or as a large pocket notebook, a convenient size for travel. Use it while working in your office or on the street, while you are shopping or take notes while you read. 

  • Convenient travel size
  • 4" x 8" spiral notebook with lined pages
  • Durable rubber band closure to keep your loose papers secure
  • Black: Made with 80pt board stock black. Silver ink letterpress impression.
  • 120 interior pages of 70# paper stock, selected to perform best with most writing implements
  • Printed line size 1/4", printed with vegetable-based inks 
  • 100% made in the USA