Paul South embodies the uniqueness we “dare-to-be-different” lefties have always worn as a badge of honor. How he came to life is a story of fate, destiny, or just another mistake that turned into an epiphany. One night, while printing original Write notebook covers, our photographers came into the pressroom.  Typically not one to be distracted, on this night I did the unthinkable: I loaded covers into the press backwards. The result: a left-handed notebook. I realized the importance (perhaps only to my left-handed self) of creating a persona for this product that embodies the spirit of a lefty. I rushed to my office and began a search for the obscure. A character lost to time; an anonymous. Combing through page after page of daguerreotype scans, I finally uncovered his stone-faced glory. It was in that moment our anonymous friend had been reborn as Paul South. The patron-saint of left-handers.