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Schon DSGN Pen

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Color: Polished Aluminum
Pocket Clip?

Designed to be a compact, dependable pen that you can easily carry with you every day, The Classic Collection pen provides you that little bit of analog back to an increasingly digital lifestyle. From that quick receipt signature to some notes or a sketch, these pens not only feel good to write with but are a modern and sophisticated addition to your carry.

"When I initially designed these pens, I was making them one by one in my garage on my 1940s Clausing lathe. After sharing these pens with friends and family, I knew it was time to take the leap and launch a small batch production, which I chose to do locally in Massachusetts. The pens are turned from solid bar stock and finished to give each different material a distinct look. I found joy in carrying pens that were made in a way that was meaningful to me and out of materials that were interesting due to their weight, feel, look or their changing characteristics over time, like oxidation and patina. Sharing these pens with the world has been a way for me to support my local manufacturing economy in Massachusetts and also has given me a platform for experimenting with new manufacturing processes, finishes and products.

I always had a fascination with heirloom objects or objects built so solidly that they could potentially outlast the user. I hope you enjoy this pen, forever." —Ian Schon

  • Sold individually
  • Each pen model has a distinct weight and feel:
    • Polished Aluminum Pen- 1oz - 1.1oz (w/clip)
    • Black Anodized Aluminum - 1oz - 1.1oz (w/clip)
    • Polished Titanium -1.8oz - 1.9oz (w/clip)
    • Tumbled Stainless - 2.8oz - 2.9oz (w/clip)
    • Polished Brass Pen - 3 oz -3.1oz (w/clip)
    • Polished Copper - 3.2oz -3.3oz (w/clip)
  • The pen is ½ an inch in diameter and 4” long when capped. When the cap is posted on the back it is a full 5-3/4” long. 
  • Pressurized space pen ink cartridge from Fisher (model PR4) made in Boulder City Nevada
  • If you want to experiment with different ink, the Fisher cartridge can be swapped for any D1 sized cartridge if you purchase the D1 adapter.