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Free Shipping on orders over +$60 (USA only)
Free Shipping on orders over +$60 (USA only)

Environmental Responsibility

At Write Notepads & Co. we don’t just treat environmental stewardship as a marketing slogan. 

For three generations, our family of Maryland based book binders, pressmen and avid outdoorsmen have observed the toll that irresponsible manufacturing, farming, and fossil fuel use has taken on our beloved Chesapeake Bay.  For this reason, we are committed to implementing sustainable practices at all levels of our manufacturing.  To minimize our environmental impact, will always be a core tenant of our mission to make great notebooks and give back to the community, that has given us so much.

Here’s a brief outline of all the measures we have taken to ensure that there are many more generations of pen-to-paper people:

  • Cover stock:  Take a close look at our covers and you will probably see a fleck of old newsprint.  That’s because our wire-bound notebooks and ledger covers are made from 100% PCW stock manufactured in the US.  It can be a challenge to work with on our presses, but we reduce deforestation by choosing recycled material over new stock.  
  • Text stock:  We use FSC® certified papers inside all of our products. Additionally, all covers and packaging for our perfect-bound pocket notebook bear the FSC® certification as well.  
  • Wire binding:  Made from recycled US steel, tinted with environmentally safe pigmented lacquer. 
  • Rubber bands:  Our trademark bands are made from naturally derived polyisoprene to minimize our use of petrochemicals.  
  • Inks:  We use a linseed oil based vegetable ink on our presses as opposed to petroleum based inks.  Linseed oil comes from the flax plant, which is a sustainable crop.
  • Pencils:  Whether comprised of American Cedar or Basswood, each are harvested with sustainability in focus.
  • Transportation Footprint:  Our commitment to manufacture here in the US means we keep jobs in the country and fossil fuel in the ground.  Furthermore, we source all our materials from other US manufacturers who meet our quality and sustainability standards and are within a close geographical range.

We keep a keen eye trained on spotting any small steps like these that we can take to make a huge impact. If you have any questions about our process or suggestions about how we can further reduce our environmental impact, lets us know!