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Jeff Abbott, a contributor, for the blog had some great things to say about our new Meeting Notebook. Not only did he have some great photos showing how the notebook dealt with multiple pens and inks, but also some great quotes. 

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Image: Jeff Abbott,

For example, when talking about the notebooks general quality he says, "Write Notepads have always impressed me with their build quality and value over the years, and the Meeting Notebook is no slouch." Again, "The quality of materials is fantastic, and that translates to delight whenever you get a chance to hold or use the book." Build quality is something we take pride in at Write Notepads, because what is the point of carrying a notebook if it is going to fall apart after a couple of uses. 

We have come to appreciate paper from all our pen and pencil friends around the world. No one wants to have an expensive nib clog from lousy writing paper, or have their beautiful, colorful inks feather and destroy their nice handwriting. When it came to paper quality, Jeff says, "I was pleasantly surprised after doing several pen/ink samples to find that there was practically no bleeding, show-through, or any other negative reactions. This paper is fantastic!" Thanks, Jeff Abbot we know it was a hard road getting here, but we may have found the paper that works fountain pen users. 

Image: Jeff Abbott,

To read more of Jeff Abbott's review head over to, let them know we sent you. 




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