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Free Shipping on orders over +$65 (USA only)
Henry David Thoreau - 200th Birthday Edition – While Supplies Last

Henry David Thoreau - 200th Birthday Edition – While Supplies Last

Henry David Thoreau - 200th Birthday Edition

Henry David Thoreau’s Walden is a seminal text of American letters, and no less should be said of the author himself. On July 12th of this year, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of an expert observer, keen surveyor, father of the American pencil, master of self-culture, and a writer who followed his genius. These notebooks are inspired by, and dedicated to, the man who said he liked to walk for at least four hours every day and who left behind millions of scribbled words in his Journal, in addition to fiery essays and exhilarating books detailing how he ventured to live deliberately.

Like our humble hero in homespun, these notebooks are made right here in the USA, out of authentic components. Henry bemoans the difficulty of finding books in which to write that are not lined for accounting; these books are full of 64 blank pages. We like to think that Henry would be pleased to carry one on an excursion in his Musketaquid, gently paddling up-river and floating back, putting down drawings and thoughts with one of his family’s then-famous J. Thoreau & Son pencils – and then stopping to play his wooden flute for the birds and the fish.

Happy Birthday HDT!

 Henry David Thoreau 200th Birthday Special Edition

  • Includes (3) 3-3/4” x 5-1/2” blank paper notebooks per pack.
  • Glue bound notebooks with 80-pound cover stock and a 70-pound text stock which has been meticulously selected to perform best for most writing instruments.   
  • Each book contains 64 pages. 
  • 100% American Made in Baltimore, Maryland.

Edition Size: 500

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