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Engineer Memo Pad

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Our whole civilization owes everything to the engineers, technicians, and artisans that have shaped the world around us. Think about how your life would be if you had no one to build you a home with climate control, running water, and sewage. Think where you would be if no one shaped your pen or mixed your ink. Even the simple pencil takes precision machinery and formulation to get the line on your page. In recognition of their service to the greater good, we created a new Limited Edition Engineer Notebook with its companion Memo Pad for those who need more space. 

The paper of this edition is different than what we usually make. It is a similar heavy, smooth stock with a slight yellow hue and a non-repro blue 1/4" square grid. This premium heavy, smooth uncoated paper is thick enough to avoid bleeding and ghosting, easily allowing writing on both sides of a page, with a pen or most writing tools. This paper is a little more toothy than our normal paper so that that fountain pen users might find some feathering. The sheets tear out quickly and are great to give to friends and colleagues. Each notepad comes as a 2-pack of 100 pages per pad. These make a great alternative if you are looking for a tear pad similar to a legal pad.

The Engineer Memo Pad is a top-quality tear pad for creative professionals or anyone who wants to build their future. Our Engineer Memo Pad gives you high-quality construction and thick premium paper for the perfect design journal or brainstorming paper pad for working business engineers, technicians, and college students. It works great as a daily diary, perfect for graphs, and a scratchpad for brainstorming. 


  • 8.5"x11" legal sheet size
  • sold as a 2-pack
  • Premium Writing Paper: Heavy, smooth uncoated light yellow 70# paper stock 
  • This notebook was designed, printed, and assembled by hand in the USA.
  • 100 ink-friendly pages
  • Sturdy kraft back cover


  • 8.5"x11"x1"
  • 1.6 lbs.