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PENCO Biro Graph Ballpoint Pen

$ 4.00
Color: Black

HIGHTIDE was inspired to create their own ballpoint 'biro' pen, taking inspiration from the classic ballpoint pens used in diners and offices across the USA. These ballpoint pens come in a range of bright colors with black ink and a 1.0mm tip.

These types of pens were common until the 1980s; there used to always be ballpoint pens with an advertisement at cash registers in cafes and banks across the US. Companies would print logos, addresses, or phone numbers on ballpoint pens to promote their businesses. You may have received one and used it to write down phone numbers, draw out directions, or take notes in class. High Tide Penco's Biro-Graph ballpoint pen features this same vintage style. The "Biro" comes from the inventor of the ballpoint pen- Bíró László József.

This ballpoint pen is light, and you can write smoothly with it on our paper. As for the color, High Tide chooses many rare colors. People can exchange the upper part and the lower part of the penholder to make a colorful pen with various colors. You will find it interesting when collecting the lovely ballpoint pens. 

HIGHTIDE, from Fukuoka, Japan, imbues all of its products with a classic Japanese design spirit, coupled with a day-to-day functionality that gives its range of products a unique edge.


  • 1 x ballpoint pen
  • Tip size: 1.0mm
  • Black ink
  •  12.9 (l) x 0.9cm (dia)
  • Plastic
  • Designed in Japan. Made in the USA.