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Schon DSGN Pocket Six Fountain Pen

$ 142.00

The "Pocket Six" is the first fountain pen offering from Schon DSGN. A compact cartridge fountain pen designed for everyday use. Like the Classic Schon DSGN pens, these pens are small when capped but a pleasant full-sized fountain pen experience when the cap is posted on the back of the pen. Like all SchonDSGN pens, these are engineered to look beautiful and sturdy. These pens come with a sizable #6 nib that glides across the paper and smoothly distributes ink with every stroke. 

The name "Pocket Six" comes from the fact that this pocket pen houses a #6 sized nib, which is a full-sized nib and not a smaller #5 commonly found in pocket-size fountain pens. 


  • Comes with one ink cartridge, black
  • Length: Capped 3.564"; Posted 5.125"
  • #6 Nib, Fine
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in the USA

Compatible Ink Cartridges