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by ystudio
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$ 85.00

They are made by the local factories in Taiwan, each of the stationery from ystudio is manufactured by the scorching heat of one thousand degrees in a furnace, and characterized by the masters’ hands with decades of experience. Although the stationery will carry a little bit weight and some oxidation on it after use, this reflects that the products are honest and durable just like the people who live in Taiwan.

► Materials: brass
► Size:8.5 X 9.5 X 137 mm
► Refills: Ballpoint pen refill (e.g., Schmidt refill p 900 m)

Use & Care
The brass casting of this pen will oxidize with usage. One may choose to keep it that way and cherish the user’s tracks as a sign of its intensive usage or re-polish the pen with oil until it regains its original shine.