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Today’s Top Ten Stationery Blogs and Podcasts

Today’s Top Ten Stationery Blogs and Podcasts

Today’s Top Ten Stationery Blogs and Podcasts


The number of online stationery publications seems to grow every week, while some of the old guards have ceased publishing regularly or altogether. Sorting through the blogs that are still updated and the podcasts that merit a download can be a daunting task. But it is a challenge we are willing to face. Of course, I cannot include my own blog and the podcast that I co-host, but I hope that they would wind up on someone’s top ten list. Here are ten blogs and podcasts you should check out and bookmark, in no rank or order.

Dade Scolardi (of The Weekly Pencil), Leslie Herger (of Comfortable Shoe Studio), and Lenore Hoyt teamed up in 2017 for the Erasable April Fool’s episode, and they hit it off. Now up to episode 53, this fantastic trio talks about everything from cheap fountain pens to the upper echelons of hipsterism. The hosts are welcoming and frank, and I try to catch each episode.

TJ Cosgrove and Stuart Lennon, from Northern Ireland and England, respectively, host a lively podcast about “analog pursuits in a digital world.” You might recognize TJ’s lovely lilt from the Wood and Graphite channel on YouTube, and Stuart is the owner of Nero’s Notes, UK distributor for Write Notepads books and Blackwing pencils. They have a compelling rapport, and they have been releasing a lot of episodes in a very short amount of time.

Written by a German professor living and working in Northern England, Bleistift has been around for around a decade, and Matthias updates the blog regularly. He has written posts packed full of information about largely Eurocentric brands like Staedtler and Faber-Castell. I learned about the [in]famous Wopex from Matthias, and he sent me my first examples.

The LWA was founded in 2007 by Kathy Zadrozny and Donovan Beeson. While they do not post reviews and keep up with the latest limited editions from our favorite brands, they write about all things postal. They host letter writing events, and you can even join the Alliance and get an actual membership card.

Mike Hagan, a frequent guest on Erasable, writes in-depth reviews full of delicious macro photography of pencils, and he is probably America’s leading authority on pencils from India. Mike does his own graphic design work, and his Leadfast branding is one of the very best from a stationery publisher.

This is, in my view, the leading notebook blog on the internet, and few people ever seem to talk about it. Online since 2008, Nifty features weekly notebook addicts, Moleskine Mondays, and reviews of less-known notebook companies’ offerings.

Founded by writer Patrick Rhone, The Cramped “celebrat[es] the unique pleasures of analog writing.” The Cramped frequently features recommended articles and also publishes guest pieces and essays by the editor. The stripped-down design is refreshing, and the quality of writing is top-notch.

No list would be complete without including Brad Dowdy’s Pen Addict. The blog started way back in 2007, and the podcast has even eclipsed the website to make Brad’s endeavor into his fulltime job. Content has largely moved from everyday pens to fountain pens and “maker” pens in recent years, and the empire grows all of the time.

This is the blog for mechanical pencils. Based in New Zealand, Dave is a lovely person and is exceedingly knowledgeable about mechanical pencils. You can learn about different types and grades of leads, and Dave’s photos are fantastic.

Writing at Large is unique on this list in that it is very much a personal blog about stationery. Nofar writes from Tel Aviv and features pencils, pens, limited edition Moleskines -- as well as some of her original art work. This blog reminds me of how great blogs were when the personal blog was a labor of love and not merely updates on social media.

About the Author

Johnny Gamber is a full-time Dad and writer who lives in his native Baltimore in a home full of pencils and notebooks. Find him at Pencil Revolution and as co-host of the Erasable Podcast.

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Spiro - June 10, 2019

I have purchased several of your notebooks. I love them. But who could have imagined that there are 10 stationery related podcasts?

RT - June 10, 2019

how about links?

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