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How to Be More Organized at Home When You Work a Full-Time Job

How to Be More Organized at Home When You Work a Full-Time Job


Being more organized at home can sometimes feel like an insurmountable task. Sure, home organization ideas are everywhere, but you don’t want to spend days working a project.

You want smart solutions and you want them now.

Creating more order at home doesn’t have to take an entire day or weekend. In fact, setting up basic structures in your daily routine can make a world of difference.

By identifying and promptly addressing pain points in your household, you’ll have a few less things to worry about. And that can be a big relief when you come home at night.

Here are several home organization ideas to help you be more organized at home, without too much hassle:

Get ready for action

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Make checklists.

Keep your daily affairs in order by creating a handful of reference checklists. Even if checklist items seem incredibly obvious to you now, they won’t be when you’re in a rush for work or dashing off to your appointments. What type of checklists could assist you in your daily routines? How about creating a personal belonging checklist that includes your cell phone, house keys, car keys, wallet, and work ID? What about a weekly grocery list, daily chore list, or gear list of items to pack for your kid’s soccer practice?

Maximize tasks to the fullest

Performing tasks on a piecemeal basis can sap your time and energy. Think about ways you can maximize daily tasks at home. How about doing a large load of laundry instead of three small ones? What about paying bills or replying to personal emails in one sitting? Could you run a handful of errands in one outing or assemble all your work snacks for the week on Sunday evening?   

Spend 15 minutes tidying up.

Spending a little bit of time each day tidying up common areas in your home can help keep things neat and tidy. Replace clean dishes back in the cupboard, place laundry in the hamper, put files in the filing cabinet, process the postal mail, and prepare your belongings for the A.M. commute. Avoid overthinking the process: you’re just spending a few minutes putting things back in order. If you need some extra motivation, you can set a timer or put on some music and get to work.

Create a household station (or two).

Make it easy for you to find the tools and materials you need in a pinch by creating household stations. It’s as simple as placing items into an empty basket or container, or by assembling items together in a general area. Try your hand at any of the following stations (or create your own): bill-paying station, electronic device charging station, morning toiletry station, or lunch preparation station.

Compile a home calendar.

Having a centralized location for home-related items allows you to process and plan in one place. Use a wall calendar, paper planner, or notebook to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal home tasks. You can also include items such as household bill due dates, chores, shopping trips, appliance servicing, insurance coverage dates, and inspections.

About the Author

About the author

Rashelle Isip is a New York City-based professional organizer and productivity consultant who helps individuals and businesses better manage their time, energy, and resources. Her work has been featured in a variety of online and print media including Fast Company, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, and Cosmopolitan. Visit her online at

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