It's been a little over a week and we have received some great feedback from customers about our new Pocket Notebook Series. Here are just a few of the great feedback. 

"They are knock-outs in looks, for sure! Not just another Field Notes clone. Got that Write Notepads vintage vibe…fresh and old-timey at the same time!" - Mary C.

"Write Notebooks. These are too nice to use!" - @snowflakeschance

"Crazy awesome mail day. These perfect bound pocket notebooks from @writepads are beautiful! Love the box they come in and even the sealing sticker and notecard are great quality. Can't wait to try them out." - @randomthinks

"[Write Notepads & Co.] knocked it out of the proverbial park with these new "Pocket Series" notebooks. Love the design, the paper (VERY FP friendly), and their philanthropy of donating to Baltimore schools. Bravo, folks, on all aspects. Even the packaging is inspired in design and execution. You guys rock." - @randomthinks

Thanks everyone who continues to support us. Let's keep riding this journey together. 



David Stone:

I like using notebooks and pencils because they’re my little protest against the technology that I’m forced to use every day. When I saw the Lenore’s I knew that you guys had turned up the subscription notebook game a notch or two. I wasn’t able to subscribe at the time because new sign ups were suspended, so when they were re-opened prior to the release of Kindred Spirit I got on board with a subscription. Kindred Spirit is amazing. The look, the paper, the packaging, and making 25 blue editions and putting them in random packs was a stroke of genius. I was fortunate enough to get one of them. I know you put a lot of work into these editions, and look forward to many pleasant surprises in the future.

Jul 12, 2016

stu elman:

I enjoy using my notepad. (Being free is a real plus!) I use it to jot down my daily notes. I also use it to try out my fountain pens and inks. It is nice to be able to write down notes without having any seepage through to the other side. I really like the rubber band to hold it closed.

Nov 09, 2015

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