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6 Easy Steps to Get Noticed In The Workplace

6 Easy Steps to Get Noticed In The Workplace

6 Easy Steps To Get Noticed In the Workplace


Do you have the nagging feeling that you’re being overlooked at work? You know you’re talented and have ideas that can improve the department, yet no one pays attention to you. It is always easy to get noticed for things you don’t need recognized, such as the trip and fall incident at the water cooler last week. The real question is “How can I be noticed in the workplace for the good things?” Here is the answer to that question with 6 easy to follow tips.

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Be On Time

As the old saying goes, “If you’re not early, you’re late”. Get to the building early enough that you can be at your desk and working on time. In administrative positions, people spend up to 20 minutes each day with a prepping routine. Meaning, they boot up their computer, go to the coffee machine, say hi to co-workers, and get mail from their inbox. If you are to be there at 9am, be seated at your desk and working at that time. Supervisors take notice when you’re at work early and are producing what they are paying you for. It shows you care enough to be punctual, and also shows good time management skills.

Make Quality Decisions

Decisions should be well thought out and aligned with your supervisors. If you don’t know how to make a certain decision, try discussing it with your boss. They will be glad that you’re seeking their knowledge and opinion before starting and making easily preventable mistakes. There may be decisions you have to make that your immediate manager would not initially agree with. This is when you need to weigh the risks and predict all possible outcomes. Also try to find someone else in the company (in a higher position than you) that could back your decision in some way. If you find that there is minimal risk, go for it. If there is too much risk involved or you’re very apprehensive, hold back and listen to your gut. Our mind and body often recognize dangerous situations before we do; this includes the office environment as well.

Have a Positive Attitude

Don’t walk around with a sour face and snippy attitude at work; it will only make people not want to be around you. Even if things may not being going in the most positive direction, have an optimistic demeanor at work. When people ask how your day is, don’t grumble. Give a smile and say, “Great” or “Amazing”. Beware, they may ask why, so be prepared to answer with one to two sentences. In the long run, though people don’t remember what you say, but they’ll remember that you have a smile 90% of the time that they saw you. Get enough sleep, eat well, get some exercise, and meditate so you can reset for the next day.  Not only will you think clearer and be happier, but your relationships with everyone will benefit from the positive attitude.

Be a Team Player

If you want to get ahead, you must be a team player. People love knowing that you can be there to help when the time calls for it. Volunteer to help stuff envelopes, load cars, or even to bring the cake for an in-office celebration. If you’re looking to be promoted, show that you can work well with others in your department. It is a requirement that managers know how to communicate as well as be reliable. Show you can do this and you’ll be easily recognized a possible candidate for promotion.

Be Involved During Meetings

Meetings can easily put anyone to sleep, but you have to be engaging. Come prepared and take good notes.  Instead of texting under the table or daydreaming about your next vacation, be in the moment and offer possible solutions. Though you may believe the solution is miniscule, make the suggestion. It shows you’re actively listening and thinking.  Ask smart questions, and show that you understand the company and the industry. The executives will be impressed that you’re interested in what is coming across the table.

Speak Good of Others

We’ve all heard news about people losing their jobs because they negatively spoke about their job on Facebook. If you are in public, private, or online, you need to be respectful of your company.  If you hate your job, keep it to yourself and family (unless they work with you, keep your mouth shut, no matter the temptation).  If you are trying to get noticed in the workplace, it is always better to be known for the nice things you say.  Always speak professionally about co-workers, including your boss. Employees who consistently work together know who the office snitch is. Do not be this person and know when not to aid the spread of rumors. Managers know who entertain the gossip and who stay out of it. Just focus on yourself and your work and let the others chit-chat away.

By following these tips, you will find that people will start talking to you more, asking your opinion, and requesting your help on team projects.  Think of this as a map to help you through the labyrinth that leads to the corporate ladder.  If you get frustrated, refer back to the list.  Read it every morning if you have to.  Keep up the good work; you will get the attention you deserve.

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