If you know us here at Write Notepads & Co., you know we like American Made goods and doing fun stuff. So we wanted to offer our customers something from the press room they can have with them all the time. We thought about mailing David but we didn’t want to lose our awesome Hawaiian pressman. So, thanks to the great people at Arthur H. Gaebel, Inc. we can give you the official Write Notepad & Co. Linear Measurement Tool, a great measurement tool that is used on our press everyday. 

The Arthur H. Gaebel company is an American company formed in 1946 primarily to serve the newspaper industry. Their very first products were stainless steel rulers and printers line gauges. Headquartered in East Syracuse, New York, Gaebel has been a staple in every print shop and book bindery for generations.  The Write Notepads & Co. family has used them since day one!  In fact, there isn't a single machine in this facility that doesn't have a trusty Gaebel nearby to assure precision and accuracy. Whether you're a graphic designer, printer or just a fan of cool American-Made tools, you can now own your very own Write Notepads & Co. etched Gaebel ruler. 

As Gaebel says, “Don't be misled by imitations and poor quality imports.” These stainless steel rulers are manufactured in the USA from the highest quality steel obtainable, they are currently using 301 and 410 spring tempered stainless steel. The tool includes measurements for Points, Picas, Inches and Metric. We all know points since it is still used for text on computers, although digital and press measurements are slightly different. Picas are a linear measurements of type; there are 12 points to 1 pica and approximately 6 picas to 1 inch. It is funny there are inches etched on the tool since inches are never used in type measurement. 

We hope you enjoy use them and love these awesome tools made here in the USA. Keep following us on social media to see some more cool products that will be coming out soon. 



Pocket Linear Measuring Device.

Includes (1) 6" pocket slide ruler.  

Included units: Inches - Picas - Points - Metric.

301 and 410 spring tempered stainless steel.

Made in the USA by Arthur H. Gaebel, Inc.


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