Trohv Baltimore
921 W 36th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

Today we begin our ongoing series of spotlight features on the amazing stores around the world where you can find Write Notepads & Co. products, as well as other tremendously awesome goods! When it came to selecting one of our partners for our first retailer spotlight, we instantly knew that Trohv Baltimore had to be it!  After all, in 2011, they were the very first store in the world to take a chance on our small start-up notebook company.  

What You'll Find At Trohv Baltimore:

Strategically stretched across several thousand square feet, Trohv Baltimore offers an eclectic mix of hand-made goods, books, stationery, housewares, kitchen gadgets, jewelry, and even hard-to-find candies! It's basically the most extensive collection of awesomeness you could find. It doesn't matter if you're a Woman, a Man, a Man-child, or an actual child...there's something in here for you. It's the ultimate gift store in Baltimore (and beyond). 

Stationery Offerings:

Trohv Baltimore has one of the most extensive offerings of notebooks in the city.  Whether an obscure European brand, or the American staple brands everyone has grown to love, you'll find them at Trohv.  Additionally, Carmen and company have selected awesome groupings of letterpress greeting cards, notecards and even limited edition art prints.  

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